Why is having a blog better than an FAQ page?

One of the most common pages on small business websites is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. This page is reserved to answer a bunch of questions that a business owner gets a lot from their customers. Which is great as it helps answer your customer’s question quickly but having a blog to answer the question is better.


There are a few reasons to having a blog as your FAQ.

  • Blog articles gives your site more indexable pages.
  • Blog articles can help you explain your answer longer.
  • Customers can interact with each answer by leaving comments.

Blog articles give you more pages on your site.

Having a blog versus a single page allows your site to be larger. This allows each question or page to be indexed by Google and other search engines. By doing it this way, and doing a bit of keyword research to see what questions folks have, you might get new customers when searching for answers to questions.

Blogging to answer questions, can help you give a better explanation.

Most FAQ pages try to be brief so you can answer a lot of questions on a single page and folks don’t have to scroll for a long time. By answering it in a blog form, each answer can be more verbose and if need can include pictures and diagrams to help explain your answer.

Blogging can help you interact with your customers.

When you have a blog that allows comments, a customer can leave one. By having customers interacting through comments they can specify if something is unclear or what has helped. Also, others could help answer questions and interact. Then by doing this, you are helping build a community around your business, which for every business is invaluable.

Having an FAQ page is great but by having a blog and building out pages to answer the customer’s questions, is a much better option.