One Day Websites

Does your small business take up almost 110% of your time? Yes, we know it is impossible to do more than 100% but does your business feel like its never ending? If this sounds like you, and you have an outdated web site or no website, then you’re a perfect candidate for our One Day Program. Our One Day website helps your business get a fresh website in just one day with your help!

What are the benefits of a one day?

If you are interested in our One Day program here are just some of the benefits of what it can do for you!

  • Full site is built in one day**
  • No back and forth email chains that take you away from your business constantly
  • No meetings or phone calls during the process as its done in one day
  • Not only is your site built during the day were together but you get training and insight
    on how to use it and the digital tracking tools we give you

It is a fun filled action packed day of designing and learning. At the end of the day, you leave with a brand new custom website tailored to you and your small business! This process is efficient and lets you get back to putting 110% into your business instead of putting it into a website that could take months to develop!

What does a One Day site look like?

If you are wondering what the One Day process looks like, it is pretty straightforward! After we receive a request and book your day, we send you a quick worksheet to help us prep your site. Once we get that and you have uploaded all your media you want to use on your site, it is time for your big day. Your big day will be fast-paced. A sample day could look like

    • Start in the morning at 9:00 am. We take some time to go over just who you are and what your business does. We then go over the most important aspects of your business.
    • We then jump into helping you design the homepage of the site. We will layout the elements of your site in a wireframe. Which is just a barebones or skeleton of your homepage. This process helps our web designer know what elements are going to be on the homepage and helps you decide what needs to be on a homepage.
    • While our designer is busy designing the homepage, our other staff will be walking you through WordPress. You will learn what it is, how to do the basics and learn some of the tools we will be using on your site.
    • After this training it should be around lunch time and we let you take a brief break as we gear up for a fast-paced afternoon.
    • When you get back from lunch, our designer will give a progress update on what is going on with the site.
    • After his progress update, we will show you how to use Google Analytics, answer some social media questions and do a little more training on your site.
    • After this training we should be nearly done with the homepage buildout and start going into the nitty-gritty of how things work and making sure you are happy with how the site is turning out.
    • From here it’s refining the design elements and making sure everything works. Once that is done, we share another progress update and you are free to go. There are some things on our end to tidy up usually at this point. Then once those are done, we launch usually that night or the next day!

A one-day website is fast-paced and is fun for everyone. The staff of Barhop gets to learn and connect with your business personally and you can see your site built in realtime and learn about the web development process all in one day.

If this sounds great, who is a candidate for a One Day site?

If you are interested in a One Day website and are wondering if your business is a good match, the ideal client for a one-day website is any small business that needs a small website that gives them an updated web presence. We love working clients that need anywhere from a 3 – 9 page website. Our clients need to be available the day of for the majority of the day to answer questions, give feedback and help us understand your business. This is a custom site built for you, and who knows your business better than you? So if all of this still sounds great, we would love to hear from you and book your day!

A One Day website is very fun and fast paced. Our One Day website helps your business get a fresh website in just one day with your help!