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Did you know that SEO or Search Engine Optimization can provide your business with superior search rankings on Google when compared to your competitors? As a result, Barhop Design Quincy specializes in optimizing your website by implementing a proper SEO strategy from day one.

Client success is our number one priority when it comes to SEO in Quincy, IL. Therefore, we stay up to date on the latest algorithm changes to ensure your website climbs the Google search engine ranks!

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Rank ahead of your competitors tomorrow by selecting Barhop Design Quincy to enhance your SEO strategy today. Why pay for ads when you can rank higher organically? Do you currently have Google Analytics on your site to measure traffic? Analytics is crucial to measuring success!

If you are still on the fence about SEO in Quincy, IL for your business, check out our process below or our latest blog on SEO.

Free SEO Assessment

Our SEO Process

SEO Assessment

We review your site as well as your overall online presence. This allows us to see how we can help you rank higher and what keywords you need to target!

Start The Campaign

Once we have the green light, your campaign will be started. Each month we will go over progress and modify the campaign accordingly per performance.

Measure Success

Success is measured by 3 essential variables:

Keyword Rankings

Website Traffic