Why is a simple website for my business better than just social media?

Websites and businesses just go hand in hand. It would seem that all businesses of any size would have a website. However, according to a fairly recent report, about 45% of small businesses do not have a website. This is hard to believe because having any sort of web presence is better than having just a social media page. There are a few reasons that having a website for your business is better than just social media.

A website can attract new customers.

By having a web presence and relevant content, a potential new customer could google a service you offer, and find you. This could happen with a FaceBook page, but if you have a page dedicated to a particular service, Google will rank that hire.

A website can be faster

Most customers might just want to check hours or call and a website might help them do that faster. Not everyone has social media and not everyone knows how to navigate social media’s business pages. So if you have a website with easy to find contact info in the header, footer, or both, you can provide a great user experience.

A website is more personal and can reflect your brand better.

A Facebook business page is great to have. A Google Places listing is almost a must, but that with the slew of other social media things a business can have are very templated. A website can reflect you and your business. You can design it, you an customize it to help run your business. If you want to collect payments online through an invoice or buy tickets can you provide a custom way to do that? With a website that is all possible!

A website is always open.

While Facebook and Twitter can help advertise your business 24/7, a website can sell products for you! This can happen even on holidays or if all of your staff are busy. A website can come in handy and be a key asset in your business!

A website isn’t just a box to check off for a business. It is a tool that can help grow their business. Even a simple three page site can have huge benefits. Having any sort of web presence is better than having just a social media page. Reach out today and see how we can help!