How to Install Zotobox Live Chat Plugin

Facebook Messenger Live Chat Plugin


Does your company have a great looking website and is in need of more leads? Zotobox’s Facebook Plugin is the answer! Zotobox offers a variety of tools that will:

  • Increase your companies online sales
  • Allow your business to utilize social media even more
  • Increase subscribers by utilizing capture bars, sliders, and popups

Zotobox offers a free version of the plugin that is great for small businesses to really jump start their overall online presence.

How to Install Zotobox Plugin


  • Go to the back-end of your WordPress site, click “Plugins” and search “Facebook Messenger Plugin”



  • Once you have installed your Plugin activate it, and you will be directed to Zotobox’s dashboard.



  • From here you will be able to modify the chat plugin overall appeal. With the free version you are allowed change how your Live Chat appears on your site, whether it be Icon, or Tab. The example above showcases the tab. Move the slider over to change the placement of the tab or icon. Enter in your pop up message to show people your live chat is active and you are readily available to answer their questions! Lastly connect your Facebook Account and hit save. Refresh your website and the Live Chat should be functional!



If you have any questions regarding installation or how this tool can help increase sales & leads for your company contact us below!

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