How can a blog help my business?

From personal blogs to general blogs by major companies and everyone in between, it seems that blogging has made a comeback. Blogging has become popular over the past few years because a blog can help grow your business by giving you a platform that helps expose all aspects of your business.

Why did blogging make a comeback?

A blog used to be thought of a hobby writing platform for passionate sports fans, movie buffs, hobbyist and all other sorts of topics. However, in the past few years, it seems blogging is going mainstream. There is a good reason for this too… Google!

Google and other search engines index pages. The more pages your site has, the more of a chance your site is shown on a search results page. On top of having a larger site, search engines look for fresh content. A blog that constantly produces new articles, will constantly grow and have search engines coming back.

What does a blog do for me?

A blog can do a lot of stuff for any type of businesses from a personal brand too large corporations. By blogging, it gives you a medium to explain your business or products you have more in depth. It can help explain your most frequently asked questions more in-depth. (Learn more about that here) Your site might have a services page, and that’s great! However, a blog and a good content strategy could explain that in depth and link back to that service which helps build trust amongst your customer (or prospective customer) base.

Imagine this scenario. You need to get your car serviced are new to an area. You might start with a Yelp search but if you go to a mechanic shop’s website that not only has great reviews but then uses a blog to explain their different services in depth, wouldn’t that give you more peace of mind? Which in turn, would lead you to give them a call and then spend money at that shop to get your car serviced.

A blog can do that for all types of businesses. A blog is a great tool that helps customers get a glimpse of what all you can do for them. Blogging can help grow your business by giving you a platform that helps expose all aspects of your business.