Your Website Needs Attention!

New Design


It is 2019 and your company just got a great new website! This website is mobile responsive, SEO friendly, and has all the bells and whistles needed to really enhance your online presence. Now what? Yes, a new website is great, but that is just the start. In order for you website to be successful, you need to maintain and grow upon what you had created.


3 Easy Ways to Help Grow Your Website


A great way to grow or enhance your websites’ online visibility is by drafting or creating a blog! Think of your website like web, the more pages and articles on your website, the bigger the web. When users begin searching Google, the goal is for one of your pages to show up within the top 3 search engine results! This in-turn is likely to grow web traffic which results into online leads!

Does your company have social media outlets IE: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram? Now the real question is does your company actually utilize these outlets to their full potential! Simply posting weekly on each of these can reach thousands of potential leads! The more engaging post you create the better! Facebook is generally for entertainment, Instagram is storytelling with photos, and Twitter posts are simply updates or something short lived.

Lastly linking internally throughout your site is a great way to build up your SEO, and overall user experience. A great example of this would be, “SEO can play a crucial role for your online presence, some may say it is just as important as blogging!” As you can see, users can instantly navigate your site once they pinpoint what they want to learn more about!

If you have questions or would like to learn more, the team here at Barhop Design is always willing to help!