5 Ways to Improve Local Online Traffic (Quincy, IL)

Search Engine Optimization or (SEO)

Having strong SEO will help you build your online presence regardless of your location. If you want to target a specific market there are a multiple ways to do this. Start by including the city you want to target, such as Quincy, IL. This allows Google to scan and see who your text is meant for. After you produce content for your blog or website, then link building is a great way to grab more traffic and build your overall online presence. An example of link building is ” Quincy, IL is a great place to visit.” By providing a link relative to your content, this helps increase the overall quality of your website. Lastly, make sure the titles of your pages are correct and are not misleading.

Local Pictures

Local Pictures across your website lets your audience know that your company is local. Utilizing stock photography may be easy, but it may not be well perceived by the local audience.

Stand Out from Your Competition

Do some research and take a look at your competitors websites. Your website is working for your business 24/7 and if it is not kept up to date, you are missing customers each day. Keeping your website up to date; updating your pictures, producing updated content, and updating your overall design every 3-5 years.

Promote Local Businesses within Your Website

For example we utilize Starks Studios for all of our videography and picture needs! This will help your link building, support for local businesses, and development new relationships.

Reviews are becoming the Life and Death of a Business

Receiving 5 star reviews is great, but resolving the lower reviews is more important. If your business does receive a low review then respond to the review with a solution so the public sees that you care. Answer the questions to their problems as best you can.