Can my business use WordPress?

As a business owner, time is valuable. You have lots of stuff going on from keeping your customers happy, ordering supplies, and all the other stuff in between. It would seem like the one area you would want to be hassle-free is your website. That is where using WordPress (and Barhop Design) can come in. Your business should use WordPress as a foundation to build a website on!

Here are just a few reasons you can (or should) use WordPress:

WordPress powers over 30% of today’s internet.

WordPress has quickly escalated to being a top solution for website development. There are several reasons from a large community, several resources and that it can be free or paid for. This makes it a great way for both developers and non-tech people to get a good website!

WordPress is super flexible. It can be simple or very complex, just like your business. You can tailor it to your needs!

WordPress at its core is very simple. You can keep it simple too. If your website just needs to be a few pages to explain your business’s services, it’s going to be an easy site. If you need to set up a website with pages, a blog and products to sell, well WordPress can handle that too! Because of its versatility, WordPress is one of the top Content Management Systems.

WordPress is SEO friendly!

Search Engine Optimization is what helps your site get found! WordPress is very easy to set up to help get your site SEO ready and consistently rank. Along with WordPress already giving your website a great start on Google, there are some other plugins to use with your WordPress site that can help your site outrank your competitors.

There are so many reasons you can and should be using WordPress for your business. If you would like to learn of more reasons or see if WordPress is flexible / scaleable enough for your business, feel free to reach out!