Why Use WordPress?

We get asked from time to time, why WordPress? It’s simple really. WordPress offers the best Content Management System platform to build your website on!

WordPress is the best because it has to keep up with the demand of its users. With WordPress powering over 30% of the internet, that is a lot of users! Not only is it 30% of the internet, but it powers some pretty big sites such as Tech Crunch and The New Yorker! With these large sites there is a lot at stake. So, it has to be at the top of its game to stay current.

Not only does WordPress power large sites, but we also love it for the community around it! The people that make it, offer several tools, and plugins to help make using WordPress fun! In addition to the various plugins and templates, the community creates, it also has conferences called WordCamps (they are pretty cool!) and smaller community events called meetups. Besides real life communities, there are online support communities and websites that are dedicated to helping people learn WordPress! The people help make using WordPress great!

Since WordPress has a great community, and it’s users love helping folks, the community has built several tools that can make it almost anything you want! If you need to power the back-end for an app, it can do that! Do you need an online store? It can do that! If you need a calendar of events, there’s a plugin for that. There are online marketplaces that offer both free and paid plugins and themes that can turn WordPress into what you need. It is the flexibility of WordPress that makes it the best content management system, and powers over 30% of the internet.

So there are several reasons, that we can say, we love WordPress. However, when you get to the core of it, our best reason is simply, it is the best CMS to build your next project on!