What is Facebook Workplace?

Facebook Workplace was created to allow businesses to utilize the great features Facebook has to offer, all while still keeping the employees personal Facebook personal. To start a Facebook Workplace, simply go to https://workplace.facebook.com and create your business group. Once you have created your workplace, simply add members of your team by typing in their email. Each employee can click the link they receive via email to join the workplace! Once your team has joined the workplace, a team can utilize many beneficial features within Facebook.


Facebook Workplace Newsfeed

A business can now utilize a newsfeed to send announcements, create polls, upload documents, or simply post new updates. Within the workplace, a business can create groups within and hold open or closed discussions for employees. Like your personal Facebook newsfeed, the most recent discussions or updates will always be shown first. This is an excellent way for team members to communicate with one another within the workplace, without having to use or even login to their personal Facebook!


Facebook Workchat

The new work-chat feature acts like messenger but specifically for your co-workers. Easily search team members to ask a quick question, or create an internal group discussion. You can use Facebook work-chat to chat with team members, share files, or even make video calls! Viewing a co-workers profile will provide a co-workers email, and any further contact information the co-worker provides.


Workplace Groups

A team member can easily create an event for the workplace, for example, the company Christmas party. Allowing members to accept, decline, or state that they are interested instantly without having to wait on a response. A team member can easily change their response if needed at anytime. Your workplace event page can be used to create brainstorming sessions or to simply announce a big event!


Workplace FAQ

Do I have to create a personal Facebook account to utilize Workplace?

No, the main concept of workplace was to allow businesses to utilize the features Facebook has to offer, without forcing team members to sacrifice the privacy of their personal Facebook accounts.


How is does Workplace differ than my personal Facebook account?

Within your Workplace, you will only collaborate with co-workers instead of the usual friends and family of your personal Facebook account.


Is the information from my personal Facebook account visible on my Workplace account?

Simply put, no. Your personal Facebook will remain personal.


Can my employer view my personal Facebook account?

No, unless your account is made public.


What happens when an employee leaves a company?

If the company is using Workplace standard, you can deactivate your account at anytime. When a company pays for premium, they have access to your workplace account eternally or till it is deleted by the admin.


What is the difference between Standard & Premium Workplace?

Long story short, with Facebook Premium a company has the ability to utilize a dashboard that provides analytics of the workplace usage, access to APIs, and account management. For more information please view here facebook.com/workplace/pricing.


How many companies are uses Facebook Workplace?

Currently their are around 30,000 companies that use Facebook Workplace, however, this number will surely go up with the recently launched “free model”.