How to Rank Your Business on Google

Quincy Illinois SEO How To:

  1. Keywords
  2. Website Content
  3. On-Page Content Optimization
  4. Business Listings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a fancy way of characterizing the 4 how-to steps above. Simply put, a higher ranking on Google search results page (SERP) will help your business get found online. Quincy Illinois SEO expert, Barhop Design Quincy, will help guide you through these 4 steps and ensure that your business is ranking higher than your competitors. Learn more below as we take you through the 4 SEO steps to ranking your business higher in Quincy, IL.


Using Keywords to Rank your Quincy Illinois Business

The key to ranking your business higher on Google is including targeted keywords into all of your website content. What exactly is website content? We will discuss that below. But first, let’s get into the importance of keywords and how they will help you rank higher on Google.

Firstly, keywords are the words or phrase you type into Google search when you are looking for something. Once you hit the search button, Google populates a large number of websites that contain those exact keywords or something very similar.

Secondly, keywords on those websites are used to determine the ranking, or order, of how the websites are shown on Google. This is how your website can end up on page 5 or page 1. You must use the correct keywords in the correct place within your website content to be successful at ranking your Quincy Illinois business.

Lastly, you must understand where to place the correct keywords within your website content. At minimum, your keywords should be located within the following:

  • Page or post title
  • Heading and subheadings
  • URL
  • Body of the content
  • Image titles and tags
  • Meta description

Not sure how to determine the correct keywords or need helping placing them correctly within your website content? Look no further than your Quincy Illinois SEO experts at Barhop Design Quincy to help. You are reading our how-to SEO for Quincy, Illinois, but we will take it a step further by developing a plan directly for your website to enhance your Google rankings. Contact us today to find out how we can help.


Using Website Content for Quincy Illinois SEO Ranking

A higher ranking on Google will get you found

Website Content
On-Page Content Optimization
Business Listings

How-To SEO Process

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Written by Jake Allen with J. Allen Consulting

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