How can a blog help my business?

A blank WordPress page showing blog help my business

From personal blogs to general blogs by major companies and everyone in between, it seems that blogging has made a comeback. Blogging has become popular over the past few years because a blog can help grow your business by giving you a platform that helps expose all aspects of your business. Why did blogging make…

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The Search Engine Optimization Process

.Have you ever wondered why or how to get your content on the first few pages of Google? We all perform searches but how does Google decide how to show it? That process of helping Google show your content first or near the top of the results is known as Search Engine Optimization. Having a…

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Five Things People Forget When Building A Website

Building a new website can and should be an exciting time for a company! If it is a brand new first-time website for your company, it helps to add another dimension to your business. It could also signal a change in a company, or a brand refresh if this new site is an upgrade. However,…

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